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Discover the easy and effective way medical professionals are using iMedScan to get instant, stress-free health insurance verification and processing.

A Closer Look

iMedScan is revolutionizing verification in many ways for a variety of healthcare providers:

Multi-Specialty Medical Group

Quickly verify patients’ coverage for any specialty treatment or service.

Hospital Systems

From the ER to the admissions office accuracy and peace of mind.

Urgent Care Centers

When accuracy is as important as speed during patient registration.

Outpatient Surgical Centers

When patients are in and out—capture the right information when you can.

Private Medical & Clinical Offices

Fast billing process means fast payments from insurance payers.

Dental Care & Orthodontics

There are so many services – you need to know what each patient has covered.

Checking insurance has never been so easy.

How It Works

Any size, any specialty, any budget. Every healthcare provider.

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The Simple Math:


of all claim denials caused by data errors


healthcare facilities can reduce that number

number of iMedScan scanners you need to get started


that’s how many claims you can have processed quickly & correctly

Features & Benefits

Accurate Patient Information

Prevent costly manual data entry errors. Most errors come from simple data fields like patient name, date of birth, and policy number.

Quick and Convenient Insurance Verification

Receive instant proof of insurance, with current patient and insurance related demographics.

Increase Revenue with Complete and Correct Claims

Enjoy error-free insurance processing for insurance receivables.

Simple and Fast Set Up

Best of all—there’s a simple and fast set up. Your scanner will be installed and reducing human errors in no time.

Workflow Optimization

Save time for your staff — both when interfacing with patients, and during long hours checking data and patient information.

Expedite Patient Registration

Patients want the best experience possible. You have the power to give best overall experience to your new and returning patients.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Below are the most common AVOIDABLE denial reasons. Avoid them by making iMedScan part of your everyday business.


Coverage terminated or member not eligible on this date of service


Requires Prior Authorization


Maximum benefit for this service has been met


Services performed are non-covered

The iMedScan Difference

iMedScan is set to revolutionize patient registration with unbeaten data accuracy, pushing to eliminate claim rejections at healthcare facilities across the Unites States.

The traditional way

A lot of time is spent on documentation and data intake. Mistakes are common due to manual data entry and wrong information provided by the patient — with eligibility verification often overlooked.


Patient fills out paper forms, insurance information typed a practice management system.


Paper copy of the insurance card is made and place in the patient’s chart for the billing staff.


Insurance card may be scanned and stored as image and even processed with OCR (optical character recognition). However, scanning alone only yields patient’s name, policy number and group number. Critical but simple data entry, such as the date of birth, would be incomplete after the “read” of the insurance card.


Verification process still has to be completed by the clinic’s personnel either online or by phone.

The iMedScan way

A simple two-minute check-in now has 100% accurate and verified demographic and insurance data directly from the insurance company.

No more data entry errors!


The insurance card is scanned via iMedScan, and the scan of the patient’s insurance card is uploaded to a secure web portal for validation.


The card data is instantly validated, an electronic eligibility message sent to the payer for a real-time verification. The insurance company instantly sends back proof of insurance, demographics & co-payment amount.


iMedScan updates the clinic’s practice management software with current demographics, insurance information & co-payment amount.


The patient is registered and checked in for the visit or services.

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